We are experts in app development. All of the custom mobile app solutions we develop for our customers are written in native code. We assign a dedicated senior developer to ensure the highest code quality and to hit delivery deadlines
Are you looking to launch a new application for iOS or Android? At AorakeTech, our experienced mobile app developers are readily prepared to work in both iOS and Android, giving our clients maximum flexibility regardless of the size of the project you have in mind. Whether you are seeking a web-based application, a new marketplace app, or a business application for your own employees, we are ready to take on the task with our app development team.

                                                                                      Mobile Application Development

Developing applications from the ground up and from scratch is how we prefer working with our clients. Because much of the app-building software on the market today include bugs and potential hang-ups, we turn our focus to native coding to ensure the best possible output once the application is launched online. By using native coding with iOS ,android apps, users on both iPhones ,android and iPads are easily able to utilize the content you produce and share. We work in both Swift and Objective-C to keep the development and deployment process as smooth and simple as possible. Because we do not recommend “boxed” application solutions, we are willing to work with you to determine the best programming language and route to take with your latest project and venture.